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Enginato is a community of talented engineers collaborating on exciting new projects being built by a variety of non-profits and NGOs — a venue for engineers to discover, create and share compelling ideas and solutions.

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Enginato For Engineers

Enginato is the best place for engineers to come together to solve some of the world’s most intriguing problems. Help people while helping your career.


Join other engineers to design something the world really needs.


Meet and connect with interesting and talented engineers from around the world.


Share your work, grow your portfolio, and build your reputation.

Enginato for Non-Profits

Enginato is the simplest way to get creative solutions for your project on time and under budget. On our platform, you will find everything you need to hand-pick your team, track their progress, and manage your project.


A streamlined process and a passionate, global workforce frees you from the limitations of working with a single engineering firm.


Avoid the excessive overhead charged by engineering firms. Have engineers compete to complete your project at a predictable, fixed price.


Enginato inspires the most creative solutions by uniting a diverse group of engineers to work together on a project they love.

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